How to Change My Major

Prospective students: If you would like to change your major before your orientation session, click here. (link to Orientation Advising tab)

Currently enrolled students: Students seeking to change their major must be on-course with the required Milestones for the major of interest as listed for the student’s current Map Term. Students are encouraged to research majors they are interested in and the required map term milestones using the Academic Program Guide. The academic map for all majors at FSU can be found on the A to Z List. Students are entitled to a single-term Map Term roll-back (that may be used only at the point of changing majors) if it places the student on-course with the new major. Students can only use this option one time in their undergraduate career. “Limited Access” majors may have additional restrictions. Note: The one-time roll-back may not be used for the purpose of meeting GPA Milestones. 

Steps for Major Change

  1. Students must meet with an advisor in the major they would like to switch into.  
  2. That advisor will evaluate the student's credits to determine eligibility. 
  3. If eligible, that advisor will submit the major change request. 
  4. The student will receive a To Do item in their Student Central homepage requiring the student to acknowledge the major change submitted by the advisor. 
  5. Once acknowledged by the student, the request must be approved by the Dean's Office, and potentially other offices if the student is an athlete, veteran, or international student. 
  6. If all offices approve, the major change is processed, and student will receive an email notifying the major has been change and it will be visible in the student’s myFSU portal.