Find and Track My Degree Requirements

Major Maps and Milestones

To learn more about the requirements for a major of interest, visit the Academic Program Guide. Degree requirements are located in the “Program Description” link. Each major has developed an academic map that provides students with a Sample Schedule to illustrate one of the many ways to satisfy all requirements in four years. More important are the Milestones identified for each major. Milestones can be courses, specific grades in courses, and/or GPAs that must be achieved by specified points within your college career. Failure to achieve a Milestone for a given Map Term identifies you as off-course for your major, places a hold on your registration, and requires you to meet with an advisor. Failure to get back on course the next semester will result in a hold on your registration that will require you to change your major. Additionally, incomplete milestones would prevent you from changing into a desired major. To see a Sample Schedule and the Milestones, select “Academic Map” for the majors of interest at the Academic Program Guide link provided above.

Liberal Studies and Graduation Requirements 

The mission of the Liberal Studies curriculum is to provide a broad and interdisciplinary educational foundation for FSU students focused on the intellectual, practical, social, and ethical capacities essential for leading productive, engaged, and enlightened lives. Typically, liberal studies courses are completed before students are certified into their major. Students should work closely with their academic advisor to ensure they are completing their liberal studies as needed for their major. For more information about liberal studies requirements, as well as graduation requirements, please visit To keep track of liberal studies and graduation requirements, students can use the Liberal Studies Advising Sheet found within either the It’s All Academic book (Appendix E) or the Garnet and Gold Essentials for Transfer Students book (Appendix C) they received during Orientation. 

It’s All Academic & Garnet and Gold Essentials for Transfer Students 

It’s All Academic and Garnet and Gold Essentials for Transfer Students are the guidebook students received during orientation. The guidebook has important information about academic policies, Liberal Studies/General Education courses, university-wide requirements, technology tips, campus resources, and so much more!

Academic Requirements Reports

Your Academic Requirements Report in Student Central is an online unofficial degree audit that will allow you to see how the courses you have taken meet various degree requirements. The report also indicates most of the requirements you have remaining to complete, including requirements for Liberal Studies, your major/college as well as your Mapping Milestones. A full-version of the Academic Requirements Report is available in Student Central under My Academics – Advising Tools. Requirements within the report will display a status of either Satisfied or Not Satisfied to indicate if a requirement has been met. Here is an example of how a standard requirement will appear on the report:

A status of Satisfied means you have taken or enrolled in the courses needed to fulfill that requirement. Clicking the green arrow icon will expand the information to show you which courses you have enrolled in or have completed that are meeting the requirement. 

A status of Not Satisfied means that the requirement has not yet been met. 

The report will count any classes you are enrolled in for a current or future semester. Dropping or not completing classes with the minimum grade required may cause the status of a requirement to change from Satisfied to Not Satisfied. The report will not recognize any courses planned for a future semester.

It is important to note that all of your accelerated credit or dual enrollment credit may not be received and/or posted at the time you attend orientation. The status of some requirements may change after all incoming credit has been posted. 

The Academic Requirements Report is not an official graduation check. At the time you reach 90 credit hours, you will need to request an official academic progress check from the Registrar’s Office and the college of your major. 

Undergraduate Degree Progress

Undergraduate Degree Progress is a tool for you to plan the courses you need to take to complete your degree. Like the Academic Requirements Report, it provides a listing of the requirements you must satisfy for your program. In addition, it allows you to plan the courses you may take to meet those requirements and when you want to take them. 

You may plan courses for your next semester and as far into the future as you would like. Students are expected to plan at least three semesters ahead as this information assists academic departments in managing course availability.  Students may access Undergraduate Degree Progress from the Student central homepage by going to the My Classes tile and then selecting the link Undergraduate Degree Progress.