Course Registration

Enrollment Appointments/Windows

Your enrollment window is the period of time you have permission in Student Central to register for courses. Your assigned enrollment window each fall and spring term is based on your earned credits. To find your enrollment appointment/window (the day/time you can start enrolling in classes for next semester):

  • Go to MyFSU and log in.
  • On your main portal page, look for the My Courses section.
  • Click on ‘Future’ to see the day you can start enrolling.

See the full list of enrollment appointments and registration closing dates by semester at Here, you can view the Enrollment Appointment for the term you would like to enroll in.

Course Registration

How do I enroll in classes?


What if I have trouble or get error messages when I try to enroll?

  • Check the Registration Guide to make sure course registration is still open. Calendars for each semester are available at 
  • Make sure you don’t have any holds remaining that block you from adding classes.
  • Double-check the term you selected is correct. Sometimes it defaults to the current term/semester.
  • Review the reserve capacity error message to find out more about the course limitations.
    • A reserve capacity (commonly called a reserve cap) is a segment of seats that can be held for certain populations within a class section. This may mean seats are reserved for students in certain majors, minors, certificates, or programs (Honors, CARE, an LLC, etc.).
      • You are unable to enroll in this class at this time. Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity requirements.  
    • Try to find an alternate section of the class that is not reserved:
      • Go to the Shopping Cart and click the Edit button to remove this class section from the cart, 
      • Go to the Plan Schedule tab and click the Sections gear for this course, 
      • Review all sections and deselect any that have a reserved capacity the student does not meet,
      • Click Generate Schedules to see if an alternate section is available.  
      • If a section without reserve capped seats is not available, remove this course from your Shopping Cart and the Courses area, and search for an alternative course instead.  


Schedule Assistant

Want to plan out which classes you want to take a few semesters into the future? Check out the Degree Progress tool.

  • The Degree Progress tool will not show you which classes are available in future semesters, but can be helpful in making a plan with your advisor for what to ideally take in future semesters so you stay on track for graduation.

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