Academic Standing & GPA Calculator

All students must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress for retention and continued enrollment at Florida State University. Satisfactory academic progress includes, but is not limited to, successful completion of credit hours and progression toward completing a degree. The University reserves the right not to retain students who do not demonstrate satisfactory academic progress. A minimum Florida State University (FSU) cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 ("C") or better is required for graduation. Students should maintain at least this minimum at all times to be in good standing. Students can learn more about academic status or retention by going to University Registrar.

Academic Probation

Any time a student’s FSU cumulative GPA (not including transfer credits) falls below 2.0, the student will have a designation of “Academic Probation” placed on their transcript and the student will be placed on academic probation for their next term of enrollment at FSU. A student who has been placed on academic probation must enroll for not less than twelve (12) and not more than fifteen (15) letter-graded semester hours in their next term of enrollment after being placed on academic probation in order to maximize the opportunity for academic recovery.

If the student fails to remove the probationary status by the end of the probationary term, the student’s academic standing will be reassessed. Students who do not return to good academic standing after a semester on academic probation and who earn a term GPA of less than 2.5 will be dismissed from the university. Students on academic probation who do not return to good academic standing but who earn a term GPA of 2.5 or higher at FSU will have their academic standing reflected as “Academic Probation Continued.” A student may be on “Academic Probation Continued” for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Students who have not returned to good academic standing after two consecutive semesters of “Academic Probation Continued” status will be dismissed.

Strategies for Academic Success Courses & Other Resources

Students who earn an FSU GPA below 2.0 in their first semester at FSU will be mandated to enroll in a 1 credit SLS course.  SLS 1122 - Strategies for Academic Success and SLS 3140 - Academic Success Strategies for Transfer students are designed to help students maximize resources on campus and improve their academic outcomes. Students will be administratively enrolled in the appropriate SLS course during their second semester and will not be allowed to drop the course. All undergraduate students have access to academic recovery support services provided by the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), including academic consultations, study skills and time management workshops and videos, and tutoring.

For more information on the courses offered for credit through the Academic Center for Excellence:

Students who are experiencing a personal crisis that has impacted their grades

Students experiencing a personal hardship or crisis that has impacted their grades and/or those who have decided to take a semester off should consult with their dean’s office to discuss their options. There are lots of processes in place (like course drops and term withdrawals) to assist you if you are facing extenuating circumstances, and your dean’s office can go over those options with you and connect you to additional resources on campus.

For more information about dropping a course, withdrawals, or taking time off from school, click here.


GPA Calculator


The GPA Calculator is a tool students can use to predict their FSU GPA. Use your transcript to find your current information needed to enter into the calculator. You can access your transcript by logging into myFSU and clicking on the SC icon. Next, click on ‘My Academics,’ then ‘Academic Records,’ ‘View Unofficial Transcript,’ and ‘Submit’ to the right of the page. Select the report and then click ‘View Report.’

Term GPA is the GPA you receive at the end of each semester. On your transcript, you can locate this GPA at the end of each semester of coursework. 

Cum GPA refers to your cumulative GPA of coursework at FSU only. You can find your Cum GPA at the end of your transcript. Your Cum GPA is used for your academic standing (good/probation/dismissal) at FSU.

Transfer Cum GPA is for coursework completed outside of FSU only.

Combined Cum GPA is coursework at FSU and outside of FSU combined. Your Combined Cum GPA is commonly used for admission to academic programs.

Units Taken Toward GPA is listed as GPA Hrs on your transcript.

Total Grade Points is listed as Points on your transcript.

When using the GPA Calculator, be sure to use the correct information. For example, if you need to meet a GPA requirement for an academic program and plan to apply after the current semester, you will want to enter your GPA Hrs and Points using the Combined Cum GPA row. If you are facing academic difficulty and would like to get an idea of what GPA you need to avoid or get off of academic probation, you will use the GPA Hrs and Points on the Cum GPA row.