Dropping a Course or Courses

Difference between dropping a course and withdrawals

A “course drop” refers to dropping one or more courses from your schedule while still staying enrolled in others. A “withdrawal” refers to removing all the courses from your schedule for a particular term. There are specific course drop deadlines throughout the semester: https://registrar.fsu.edu/calendar/. The deadline to withdraw from all of your classes (without proof of extenuating circumstances) is the 7th week of the term.

Dropping a class during Open Enrollment and Drop/Add

Open Enrollment occurs when a student’s registration window is open and they are able to register for courses for upcoming semesters.  Drop/Add happens at the beginning of each term and typically ends on the 4th day of the term (prorated for shorter summer terms) at 11:59pm. Students are financially liable for all courses appearing on their schedule after the fourth day of classes. For more information about how to add and drop classes during Open Enrollment and Drop/Add, watch this video or use this step-by-step guide.

Dropping a class after Drop/Add

If a student needs to drop a course after Drop/Add, there are two deadlines to do so: the 7th week deadline and the 12th week deadline. If students drop a course by the 7th week deadline, the course will not appear on the student’s transcript. Course dropped between the 8th and 12th week will require Dean’s permission and will appear on the student’s transcript as a “W” or “WD.” Visit FSU’s  Academic Calendar for specific deadline dates: https://registrar.fsu.edu/calendar/.

To drop a class, please start by speaking to your academic advisor to discuss the implications for dropping the course. Once you have decided to drop a course, you can watch this video or follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to my.fsu.edu. (Use the webpage not the App)
  2. Scroll down. In the middle of the screen you will see your schedule. Click the pencil icon.
  3. Choose “Drop Classes”.
  4. Select the current semester.
  5. Click on the “Click here to drop a class for a closed enrollment term” link. (At the top of the screen)
  6. Read the instructions and click continue.
  7. Select the term of the class you wish to drop.
  8. Once you see your schedule again, click next to the class you want to drop then click the link that reads “Drop Selected Classes”.
  9. Generate the drop form.
  10. If you are dropping a course after the 7th week of the term, or if you are dropping below 12 credit hours, you may have to take or send the drop form that you generate to your Dean’s office for their signature. 

Dropping English and Math courses 

Students are not able to drop introductory English and Math courses on their own.  They must work with their academic dean’s office to do so. In most cases, this will be the UGS Deans Office, located in UCA3400, phone is 850-644-2451, or email undergradstudies@fsu.edu

Taking a Semester Off

Undergraduate students who choose to take one to two semesters off, may do so without the requirement of applying for readmission. We understand that circumstances may arise that cause a disruption in your academic progress. To ease the transition back to FSU, you will retain your status as a current student for up to two non-enrolled semesters. During that time, you are eligible to register for your next term of enrollment using the online registration system. Once you have not enrolled for three consecutive terms, you will need to apply for readmission to FSU. Please check with other university offices (Housing and Financial Aid, etc.) for related concerns. If you would like to take a one or more terms off, here’s what you need to do:

  • If you are not registered for classes in the upcoming semester you want to take off, then you do not need to do anything. There is no form or paperwork of any kind that must be completed. Simply do not register for courses during the term(s) in which you intend to be away from school.
  • If you are currently registered for the next semester, then you need to cancel your registration before the first day of classes by emailing the Registrar’s Office at registrar@fsu.edu.
  • If you are currently registered for the next semester but you are academically ineligible to continue at FSU (dismissed from the University), the Office of the Registrar will cancel your registration if you have not done so.
  • If you are currently registered for classes and you want to leave during a term of enrollment, then you must withdraw from the semester. Please contact your Academic Dean’s office to get this process started.  For more information about the withdrawal process, see the information below. 

Withdrawing from all my current courses

To withdraw from all of your courses, you should start by contacting your academic dean’s office. Click here to see a contact list: https://registrar.fsu.edu/info/deans_directory/.  You will then be directed from your Dean’s office to the Office of Withdrawal Services.

Course drops and withdrawals based on personal crisis, medical and/or mental health reasons

If you need to drop classes or withdraw from all of your classes due to a personal crisis and/or medical/mental health reasons, please reach out to your academic dean’s office and they can get you started on the process. If you have worked with a doctor or therapist, you may be eligible for a tuition refund for the course drops or withdrawal.  Click here to see a contact list of all of the academic dean’s offices on campus: https://registrar.fsu.edu/info/deans_directory/.

Changing a class to pass/fail (also known as S/U grading)

To encourage a holistic liberal arts education and focus on learning, the University permits limited enrollment in elective courses outside the major, minor, and General Education/Liberal Studies areas to be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis.  Here are some additional guidelines about what courses can and cannot be taken for S/U grading:

  • You can only change one course per semester to S/U grading.
  • You must be in good academic standing (FSU GPA > 2.0).
  • Business courses are not eligible for this grading-basis change.
  • The course MUST be elective credit – The course cannot be used to satisfy any General Education/Liberal Studies, Major or Minor requirements. Please double check with your academic advisor if you are interested in changing a course to S/U grading and to inquire if there are any exceptions to these rules within your specific major.  

To submit a request using Student Central (SC):

  1. Begin by clicking the My Classes tile from your Student Central Homepage.
  2. After clicking the tile, the Permit to Change Course to S/U link will be active. 
  3. You will be prompted to complete a form. Select the course from the Class drop down box.
  4. Next, click Submit

Dean’s Offices

Any time a student is thinking about dropping a course or withdrawing from the University, they should contact their Dean’s Office. Click here for a list of all University colleges.